Volumetric Weight

Parcels traveling through the APC network will be charged for by weight or, in certain circumstances, by volume. All consignments traveling by air are subject to volumetric charging.

When considering whether a parcel should be volumised the easiest basic method is that for each cubic foot/30cm of a parcel, the weight should equate to approximately 4.5 kilos.

The formula and general rule for volumetric charging for both domestic and international destinations is:

Parcel dimensions height (cms) x length (cms) x breadth (cms) ÷ by 6000

For example, a parcel measuring 60cm x 60cm x 60cm ÷ 6000 would volumise to 36 kilos.

Large but lightweight goods, as well as irregular shaped items must travel through the system with volumetric weights applied.

Irregular shaped objects should be volumed to include the space around it that cannot be used to stack any other freight. If there is any risk of damage to items surrounding the irregular shape then freight must not be placed around it and the measurements must be taken to the extreme points of the height, length and breadth, as indicated by the dotted lines.

Exceptions to the general rule for volumetric calculations and charging are:


To calculate the actual space for volumetric charging on irregular shaped items will require two calculations, the first to determine the area to be charged for and the second for the unused space not to be charged for.



The same calculation is used where items can be inter stacked. The volumetric weight for the blue parcel is calculated the same as the example above but it would be possible to stack a similar shaped item alongside it.